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Political Theory

Price : Rs.  395.00 356.00

Mathematical Statistics

Price : Rs.  390.00 351.00

A Textbook of Special Fu...

Price : Rs.  190.00 180.00

Mathematics for Managers...

Price : Rs.  350.00 332.00

BCA Mathematics 103

Price : Rs.  175.00 166.00

BBA Mathematics (MDU, Ro...

Price : Rs.  150.00 142.00

Basics of Professional M...

Price : Rs.  174.00 165.00

Co-ordinate Geometry Mad...

Price : Rs.  295.00 280.00

Applications of Derivati...

Price : Rs.  195.00 185.00

Pursuit for finding appropriate books for B.COM

The need for books can never be denied when you are pursing B.Com. Being a B.Com student, you might have to go through various books to outperform in the competition. A great B.Com book written by renowned author helps the students to grab as much knowledge they can, enabling them to pass their exams with excellent marks. “Elements of Cost Accounting” written by S.N. Mittal and “Company and Compensation Laws” by M.C Kuchhal are counted in top ten books of These not only have full syllabus, but also have test papers and solved questions which helps the students to review their context properly. When looking forward to purchase a B.Com book, if you opt for online book portals in India, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing the books in accordance to your preferred language. Thus, online resources are able to cater to the needs of diverse readers.

Make an easy purchase of B.Com Books online:

A lot of preparation is needed to perform well in exams; therefore you must choose a reliable option while buying B.Com Books. Depending on your subjects, you can browse the books category wise when you go for online book portals. Many online web stores also provide you with lucrative deals such as you are offered CD’s along with the books as well as specific discounts on every book purchase. Regardless of the subjects you are studying in, you can come across plentiful options on online book stores. All you need to do is make a wise choice and grab all the special offers along with discounted deals. In addition, you can also download e-copies of B.Com from these web portals. 

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