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<h1> Comic Books & Graphic Novels </h1>

Nowadays, Comic Books & Graphic Novels are becoming the hottest sensation because these include various levels like literary, cultural, artistic and political. While comic books are regarded as funny books, generally published for children, graphic novels are in fact legitimate and literary medium, capable of withstanding the literature. Reading these books is one of the best ways for exploring new themes and finding a lineage with word image texts. Comic Books & Graphic Novels, both work as an ancient medium that combines comic words and images. These are important because they help a segment of a population to fantasize and escape from the hardship of everyday life. Moreover, Comic books exhibit different personalities such as villains and superheroes that help some people to create their own versions, allowing them to see the different scenario of life, helping you think outside the box, thus increasing the imagination power of the readers.

<h2> Comic Books and Graphic Novels are a narrative medium </h2>

These books are the perfect combination of reading comics along with appealing pictures. Graphic novels and comic books are in great demand because these have refined comics, better layouts and control over the usage of panel transactions along with artistic innovation and it may differ from author to author. Some of the premium examples which are counted in top-selling books are “In Real Life” by Cory Doctorow and “Hansel and Gretel” by Neil Gaiman. In today’s digital era, the existence of plenty of online books portals has made it easy to purchase Comic Books & Graphic Novels online. Opting for this option, you not only can find plenty of books at one place but can easily choose a book of your choice.

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