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<h1> History books are source of wisdom </h1>

History books provide the better understanding of India’s history and give details about different ancient periods starting from the Indus valley civilization. Some of the Indian history books like “Discovery of India by Jawaharlal Nehru”, written by Shyam Benegal became an award-winning television series. Ranging in different languages such as Tamil history books, Islamic history books and history books in Hindi, online bookselling websites in India are recognized to offer a myriad of history books for purchase. So, if you are keen to know about the world’s history, purchasing a world history book is a viable option. To choose from a wide collection of textbooks and to get lucrative deals on books, make sure to opt for online books portals.

<h2> A history textbook represents glorious history </h2>

Although one can find plentiful books in libraries, web bookstores help you in finding a perfect history textbook according to your choice. Today, online portals also provide an easy access to NCERT history book as well as CBSE history book. These portals include textbooks of all the subjects published by NCERT in three languages namely Hindi, English and Urdu. A book of history, including ancient Indian history books, is the best source of enlightenment which ultimately expands human’s wisdom with time. While choosing history books for IAS you can check out for “Indian Polity” written by Laxmikant or “A Brief History of Modern India” by Rajiv Ahir as these books are counted in top ten history books in India. Consequently, ranging from top-selling books to the latest releases, you can find several history textbooks in online bookstores.

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