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Seller Registration

Trendypaper Marketplace is India’s next leading platform for selling products online. Be it a manufacturer, vendor or supplier, simply sell your products online on Trendypaper and become a top seller within your Niche. Our team of experts offers exclusive seller workshops, training, and seller support, Trendypaper focuses on empowering sellers across India.

Selling on Trendypaper.com is easy and absolutely free, No commissions or additional charges for the first 6 months. All you need is to create a Seller account and register, list your catalogue individually or in Bulk and start selling your products Online.

What's more? We have third party ‘Ecommerce Service Providers’ who provide logistics, wherein you can ship your products through top courier service providers like Delhivery, FedEx and more or you can ship orders from a choice of your own courier partners. We provide Quick payments in the industry and you get an excellent seller portal. No wonder Trendypaper will be India’s favourite place to sell online.

Seller Your Products Online in 3 Simple Steps 

1. Create a Seller Account 

2. Upload single products or in Bulk file 

3. Once Order Place ship it to customer 

Start your Journey selling your products online and reach millions of potential customers 

You can reach out to our customer care (From 9 AM-6 PM) representative to clarify any further queries