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Very few students from the Science faculty prefer to solve the numerical problems in Chemistry instead of that they prefer to writing descriptive answers. It has been observed that in comparison in the case of students from Engineering faculty they readily solve numerical problems. One can easily solve any complex problem provided if he is very conversant with the theoretical aspects of the subject. He must have excellent compressive knowledge and desire to understand the interstices. With view this book is written to promote the trend in problem solving in all our sciences students. All the classical areas of Analytical Chemistry as well as the topics in Separation Sciences then whole field of Spectroscopy so also the areas of Electro analytical and Radio Analytical Chemistry have been covered in this book. Number of solved problems are provided, equal number of problems are finished to train a reader in problem solving with answers provided to most of the problems, there are multiple choice questions in the fields where not many numerical problems were encountered. Then each chapter is provided with list of books for further reading. All the efforts shall be rewarded if our students start solving numerical problem in class and the examination. This books should prove to be valuable material for postgraduate students in Chemistry and allied areas.

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