Basics of Environment and Ecology (UPTU)

Basics of Environment and Ecology (UPTU)

Author: Kaushik, Anubha

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Study of Environment and Ecology is a systematic analysis of the natural and man-made world encompassing various scientific, economic, social and ethical aspects. Human impacts leading to large scale degradation of the environment have aroused global concern on environmental issues inthe recentyears. The apex court has hence, issueddirectiveto impart environmental literacy to all. In thisbookthe Fundamental Concepts of Environment and Ecology have been introduced and analyzed in a simple manner strictly as per the syllabus recommended for its undergraduate classes in all discipline by the GBTU (formerly UPTU). Key features of the book include a simple and holistic approach with illustrations, tables and specific case studies mainly in the Indian context. The basic terminologies have been defined in the text while introducing the topics and some useful terms mentioned in the text have been explained in the glossary for an easy grasp by students of all disciplines. Efforts have been made to update the contents of the book and replace the old case studies with the new once without increasing the volume of the book. The Authors have included befitting pictures in different chapters most of which were photographed by them during field visits.

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