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Statistics or Business Statistics is playing an important role in nearly all phases of human endeavour. In this context Business Statistics as a subject has acquired significant prominence in the Curricula of Management, Economics and Commerce at Postgraduate level (such as MBA, PGDBM etc. ) and at various other professional courses such as B. Com. , BCA, BBA, C. S. (Foundation) etc. The present textbook is designed to cope with the needs of students of these curricula and to present the subject of Technical and Mathematical nature in simple language and lucid style. Some Special Features of the book are: The language and style of presentation simple and easily understandable. The subject matter is arranged in systematic manner and covers theoretical concepts as well as practical applications clearly. Examples and Exercises have been arranged in a systematic manner from simple to complex problems. In the examples the priority has been given to various university examination problems so that students may make practice according to that standard. Objective Questions have also been incorporated in order to proper understanding of various concept and according to syllabus. Mathematical complexity has been avoided as far as possible.

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