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Although many books are available in the market for Visvesvaraya Technological University students, but this book has an edge over others. Following are the highlights, which have silently made it the best book of the market: This book is written exactly as per revised syllabus (2010). Syllabus specifies three main streams for learning. One stream suggests topics for computer learning. Second stream suggests topics for C programming and third stream suggests exercises for computer lab session. This book is a single-window-solution for all the three streams. It covers all the three aspects mentioned in the syllabus. Students don't need to purchase separate books for each stream. This book will be just sufficient for them. The language of the book and the style of writing is one of the prime highlights. The language of the book is easy, no jargons are used and all the technical words are well explained before they are introduced. Thus no confusion of any kind prevails in the book. Readers get best returns for their time invested in this book. C language portion of the book is not only content rich but is program rich also. After explaining a topic or command, many programs are introduced, there itself, so as to explain the practical aspects of the topic. Most of the books directly write the program, without explaining the problem, for which the program is written. But in this book, each problem is explained in clear words, before the program is written. This approach helps in understanding the logic of the following program, clearly. For all those programs, which require strategic planning before they are written, a special section, named "Program Strategy" has been added, before the program. This section explains the complete framework, on which the following program will be built. All the programs of this book are working programs. We have tried and tested them and found them working perfectly all right. Readers can directly type these programs on their computer and work with them. This will make the learning fast. Wherever necessary, results of the program are also included after the program. This approach helps in understanding the dynamics of the program. For all those programs, which involve tricky logic, a separate section, named "Analysis" is included. This section explains the role and functioning of all the special variables, clauses and commands (used in the program) that at this stage of learning, may have had gone unnoticed, without special assistance. This approach creates perfect learning environment in the book. Last two chapters of the book provide step-by-step solution for all the problems, which have been suggested in the syllabus, under sections, titled, Part-A and Part-B. Following the steps mentioned in these chapters, students will be able to complete all the assignments without any problem. In short we would say that all the efforts have been made to create perfect learning experience through this book. We are sure that readers will definitely find it interesting and better than any other book, available in the market.

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