Computer Graphics in Mathematical Approaches

Computer Graphics in Mathematical Approaches

Author: Kothari, D P

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This book mainly aims at the mathematical concepts involved in computer graphics and its entities. This textbook is ideal for the academic purpose of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the subjects such as Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design taught in Departments of Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering and Aeronautical engineering in various universities across the world. It starts from how image is generated on the screen, what are the different display devices used in image generation on the screen. Then it covers the different algorithms for the generation of simple geometry on the screen. Next chapter includes the manipulation of the existing entity in the form of two-dimensional and three-dimensional transformation. Next is parametric representation of planar curves which include planar curves such as circle, parabola, hyperbola ellipse etc. After planar curve, there is chapter of parametric representation of space curves which include space curves such as cubic spline, Bezier curves etc. Space curves are widely used in aesthetic purpose (e.g. Bezier curves) and scientifically calculated curves (cubic curves). Bezier curves are used in aesthetic purpose such as glass wares, furniture etc. Scientifically calculated curves (cubic curves) are used in applications such as engine manifold, aerodynamic shapes of air craft, sheep hulls etc. Then there is parametric representation of surfaces, for example, sweep surfaces, surface of revolution. Then 3D model generation methods are discussed in the last chapter.

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