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This book is a unique compilation of information for all strata of practice, from professional pharmacy students to specialized practitioners, it includes a convenient listing of all schools/colleges of pharmacy and professional associations and a thorough, comprehensive listing of medical abbreviation. It is a convenient medical, law, statistics and pharmaceutical dictionary all in one. Dictionary of Pharmacy is a great reference for beginning professional pharmacy students to have for the duration of their education in pharmacy school and has value as an appropriate reference for practicing pharmacists as well. The Dictionary of Pharmacy is the only English-language reference currently available that provides a comprehensive list of terms of special importance to pharmacy students, educators and practitioners. Compiled by educators from leading pharmacy schools headed by Dennis B. Worthen (author of Pharmacy in World War II, co-author of Pharmaceutical Education in the Queen City: 150 Years of Service, 1850-2000 and former Director of Pharmacy Affairs for Procter Gamble), this well-organized guide defines all of the jargon surrounding this ever-evolving field. In addition to a complete A-Z listing of definitions, you'll find: Abbreviations Latin/Greek terms Weights and measures The American Pharmacists Association's Code of Ethics and Principles of Practice for Pharmaceutical Care The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy's Pledge of Professionalism and Pharmacist's Oath Lists of professional associations and organizations Lists of colleges of pharmacy in the United States and schools of pharmacy (and their faculties) in Canada. This special low-priced edition is for sale in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka only.

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