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The book Electrical Circuit Analysis and Synthesis introduces electrical engineering students and engineers to the basics of electrical and electronic circuits offered to undergraduate students. The book serves as prerequisite to study the advanced subjects such as Electrical Machines and Power Systems. The text has been supplemented by a number of illustrative figures and numerical problems to reinforce the analytical approach. Apart from the basics of circuits, the reader can learn about the alternating current fundamentals, three phase circuits, coupled magnetic circuits, transients in AC and DC circuits, network functions, two port networks, filters, network synthesis, graph theory and circuit simulations. The book has been organized into 15 chapters and appendices that includes complex algebra, derivatives, integration, Laplace transforms and trigonometry. The first three chapters deal with the basics such as Kirchhoffs laws, mesh and nodal analysis and network theorem. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 deal with the alternating current fundamentals, resonance and applications of network theorems in AC circuits. Chapter 7 is three phase circuits, its generation, star-delta connections, measurement of three phase power. Chapter 8 covers basic terms and definitions used in magnetic circuits, series-parallel magnetic circuits, B-H curve and coupled magnetic circuits. Chapter 9, 10 and 11 covers transients, network functions and two port networks, Chapters 12, 13, 14 deal with filter study, network synthesis and applications of graph theory to solve electrical circuits. The problems on graph theory make students to understand and solve complex power system problems in higher semesters. Chapter 15 gives a brief idea about PSPICE simulation and tools that are used to solve circuit problems. The word index is given at the end of this book. It is assumed that the reader has the exposure to elementary mathematics such as simultaneous equations, matrix formulation and determinants. Hence the appendices on these topics have been left out. Still the book contains more material than what can be covered in a semester course.

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