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The awareness of environmental pollution has been sufficiently created. Very little attempts have been made to know different monitoring as well as the control measures. Therefore, a modest endeavour is made in this revised version of book on Environmental Pollution, Monitoring and control. The first few chapters dwell on air pollution, water pollution, waste water management, then solid waste and noise pollution. The active workers in this field collect enormous data on pollution but are not able to use it unless they know what is environmental modelling and environmental impact assessment. Therefore, these two aspects are covered. There is great need of recycling of waste water. The statistical analysis is equally important. So also Bio monitoring and Inter-relationship of environment, energy and population, which is then covered in new edition. All the chapters are provided with adequate data on different facets of pollution in the form of several tables which would be of immense use to comprehend the actual picture of pollution. There are numerous references to established monographs in the pollution. These are, therefore, included at the end of each and every chapter. It is believed that this book in its revised form with new chapters would help the students in undergraduate as well as postgraduate classes. It would also help to throw new light on the newer areas of environmental sciences and engineering for the benefit of active research workers.

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