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The book has been addressed to the students and researchers in the disciplines of psychology, education, sociology, social-work, medicine, management, and allied disciplines. It has been written for those who do not possess sophisticated mathematical background. Various designs and their analyses have been presented in simple understandable language. The intended emphasis is to make the reader understand the basic principles of experimental design, layout for data collection, analysis of data, interpretation of results of experimental outcome. It offers an integrated approach placing due emphasis on theory, application, and computational procedures. Schematic representations of analysis for each design is a novel feature of this book, it makes the analysis simple and easy to comprehend. Each design includes general layout for data collection, schematic representation of the analysis, followed by numerical example with detailed solution and interpretation. Numerous illustrations, many from published research, are provided with the intent to equip the reader to develop insight into the intricacies of research strategy. Special treatment has been given to within subject and mixed designs. Multivariate Analysis of variance, Analysis of Covariance, and also Analysis of Variance by ranks have been included.

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