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The new developments in industries, tough global completion and recent research and developments have necessitated augmenting the traditional concepts with modified newer techniques and ideas to suit the present day industrial requirements. The book ?Industrial Engineering and Management? is complete in providing detailed and up-to-date coverage of the subject containing latest features to ensure easy understanding of the concepts. The book precisely covers the subject in a simple method using simple english and supported with suitable diagrams, illustration and numerical problems to enhance reader's confidence in the subject. The book provides both theoretical and practical knowledge along with latest technological concepts and developments in the field of Industrial Engineering. The various topics cover the syllabi of Integral University, UPTU and other universities of India for the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Key Features: The book covers all topics related to Industrial Engineering in a systematic and well organized manner. Simple and concise presentation of fundamentals. Incorporate simple, labelled, illustrative, reproducible diagrams and sketches. Step-by-step explanation and solution to problems in a simple and easy language. Large number of solved examples interwoven throughout the text to reinforce the concepts. Questions at the end of chapter to gauge the understanding of the topics discussed. The book covers the syllabus of many universities and institutes. The book is useful for competitive examinations.

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