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Industrial Psychology is a comprehensive textbook specially designed to meet the requirements of management and engineering students. The book explores the core concepts of Industrial Psychology explained through numerous examples. It provides an indepth coverage of the various components of Industrial Psychology that include industrial fatigue, boredom, job satisfaction, stress, time and motion study, leadership, training and development of workers etc. The subject matter has been presented in a simple manner so that the students can easily grasp. Beginning with an overview of industrial psychology, the book discusses in detail the scientific management, Hawthorne and time and motion study. It goes on to discuss the motivation, organizational culture, stress, job satisfaction, leadership, group dynamics, work environment, industrial fatigue, boredom, accident and safety and job analysis. It further discusses the recruitment and selection, reliability and validity tests, performance management. At the end of each chapter an assessment with a set of review questions is provided to reinforce the main concepts introduced in each chapter.

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