Maximum Entropy Models in Science and Engineering

Maximum Entropy Models in Science and Engineering

Author: Kapur, J.N.

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This is the first comprehensive book about Maximum Entropy Principle and its Applications to a diversity of fields like Statistical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Business, Economics, Insurance, Finance, Contingency Tables, Characterisation of Probability Distributions {univariate as well as multivariate, discrete as well as continuous), Statistical Inference, Non-linear Spectral Analysis of Time Series, Pattern Recognition, Marketing and Elections, Operations Research and Reliability Theory, Image Processing, Computerised Tomography, Biology and Medicine. There are over 600 specially-constructed exercises and extensive historical and bibliographical notes at the end of each chapter. The book should be of interest to all applied mathematicians, physicists, statisticians, economists, engineers of all types, business scientists, life scientists, medical scientists, radiologists and operations researchers who are interested in applying the powerful methodology based on maximum entropy principle in their respective fields.

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