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Medicinal chemistry is the Silver Jubilee seventh edition (2018) textbook that has enjoyed the genuine acclamation to its august readers at the international level. The present compilation includes two additional chapters entitled: Radio-Opaque's and stereochemistry-biological activity-bio isosterism. The degree students in pharmacy in India and abroad shall be able to use the latest information pertaining to the expanded subject matter presentation style classical examples drug synthesis drug design SARs explanations and applications. Key features: Fundamentals duly articulated in a methodical systematic lucid manner Course of synthesis has been expatiated Latest trends/examples included in most chapters Synchronized coverage of expression in style duly dealt with Collaboration of up-to-date information Simple and lucid expression of thoughts Substantiation of each chapter with intensive and extensive latest subject matter Critical and typical examples included appropriately Addressing to newer approaches related to various relevant topics and scientific overview Latest Information to : Internet blogs, pharmaceutical publications, research reports, and scientific journals.

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