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Corrosion has always been considered as one of the important subjects of electrochemistry and engineering for a long time as the destruction caused to materials by this process has been increasing every year. In addition to this increase, there has been growing use of metals in modern technology. Both these aspects together with the corrosive environment the modern civilization has been generating, forces the scientists and engineers to adopt methods to reduce this corrosion loss. Corrosion preventive techniques and protection methods have been evolved in recent years which require the immediate attention of industries. Anticorrosive paintings, epoxy coatings, galvanisation techniques etc. have been topics of great relevance in today`s technology. Hot corrosion of materials has been causing a concern with no immediate solution for this problem. A similar problem is faced in micro corrosion. These processes have not been understood completely yet. This book has been divided into four sections. In the first section, thirteen papers on generalised aspects of corrosion are presented, They deal with hydrogen damage, corrosion of duplex steels, stainless steel, photo corrosion, impedance techniques, approach to understanding corrosion phenomenon, corrosion problems in nuclear power plants and offshore corrosion. In the second section, five papers devoted to high temperature corrosion are presented. This includes papers on hot corrosion, high temperature oxidation of duplex steel, coatings on steel for corrosion and wear resistance. Papers dealing with organic coatings for corrosion prevention and control are placed in the next section (Section III). The last section carries three papers on corrosion evaluation and monitoring.

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