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Buy This is the thoroughly revised completely rewritten and reorganised edition of the popular book.This textbook is a compilation of all the concepts of obstetrics and gynecology aimed to help the nursing student to be an efficient midwife who can provide effective and safe client care. The text covers all the following topics Female Reproductive System Fundamentals of Reproduction The Fetus Pregnancy Fetal Skull and Maternal Pelvis Normal Labour Normal Puerperium Obstetric Disorders in Pregnancy Medical and Surgical Disorders in Pregnancy Malpositions and Malpresentations Abnormal Labour Obstetric Interventions and Operations Abnormal PuerperiumThe Newborn Infant Pharmacology and Child Birth Home Birth Complementary and Alternative Therapies Contraception Instruments in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Gynaecological Disorders in Pregnancy.

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