The WHO Manual of Diagnostics Imaging "Radiography Anatomy & Interpretation of the Musculoskeletal System"

The WHO Manual of Diagnostics Imaging "Radiography Anatomy & Interpretation of the Musculoskeletal System"

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WHO in collaboration with the International Commission for Radiologic Education (ICRE) of the International Society of Radiology (ISR) and other members of the Global Steering Group for Education and Training in Diagnostic Imaging is creating a series of "Manuals of Diagnostic Imaging". The full series of manuals will primarily cover the examination techniques and interpretation of conventional diagnostic X-ray procedures and simple, routine ultrasound examinations related to the most common clinical problems faced in most areas of the world. These manuals will replace and update the WHO Manual of Radiographic Interpretation for General Practitioners and the WHO Manual of Radiographic Technique. The present volume in the series, the manual of Radiographic Technique and Projections, provides practical assistance and guidelines for exposures, projections and positioning of a patient as needed for a majority of common radiographic examinations. Although each examination needs to be tailor-made according to clinical problems, size and age of patients and type of equipment used, this manual offers basic generic information, which can easily be modified according to local needs. Backed by sophisticated computer graphics, this manual will prove essential assistance to anybody involved in producing radiographs, be it general practitioners, medical specialists, radiographers or radiologists in any medical settings, although focusing specifically on needs in small and mid-size hospitals. This special low-priced edition is for sale in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka only.

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