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The second day dawns as Kvothe Kingkiller continues his story for the Chronicler. The Chronicler begins to suspect Kvothe s consistency with the story, for he seems to be exaggerating about his achievements. However, he is still interested in learning the story of the man who made love to the enchantress Felurian and survived. Kvothe continues the story where he left off, revealing how he leaves the University to seek his fortune abroad. However, on his journey to fame and fortune, Kvothe will need to face terrifying odds. One of these odds includes a fae, the legendary Felurian whose beauty and seductive grace have left men in a vegetative state after they ve been with her. How does Kvothe manage to survive her embrace when no man has managed to do so before him? And in doing so, how did he learn the seven words that will make any woman fall in love with him?

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